The business case for SEO is well documented and many companies share an urgent need for a meaningful SEO marketing strategy.


Factors such as market position, demographic and psychographic data, share of voice, reach opportunities and budget realities are often used to help in the development of a comprehensive SEO strategy.


Just as no two businesses are exactly the same, no two SEO  strategies should be the same. That is, there is no silver bullet that will get the job done every time.

How important is SEO?

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The fact is, a competitor's SEO initiatives can become the silent game changer. The unaware are often caught off guard and suddenly at a competitive disadvantage. Therefore, the phrase "get there first with the most" has special meaning in today's SEO game, as damage control, for the unprepared, can be a protracted and expensive experience.


For openers, a tiered (à la carte) approach is often used with more weight given to objectives showing both significant and efficient roi potential. Of course, competitive analysis is a good place to start.  For more information: give me a call or email.  918-587-9108


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