The Buckingham Group

A Residential Remodeling Design/Build Firm


This four minute presentation was filmed on location during the winter months and into spring of 2016. Documented within are phases of a bedroom and bathroom partial demolition and complete remodel in the Southern Hills area of Tulsa. Don't blink or you could miss several days of progress on the construction site.


Thanks to Ed Kaplan and his hard working team for the opportunity to show folks the right way to run a construction site.


Shootout at the Tavern

A mobile application takes on web-based browsing


See which one delivers critical information first. This goal of this exercise was to locate a specific beer brand on tap in St. Louis. I'll bet you already know who came in first.


Thanks to the fine brewers at O'Fallon for their recruitment of our two tech savvy bar patrons and for getting the bar to go along with the filming.

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